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12 Best Squoval Nails Ideas for Perfect Nails Look

After googling about the Squoval Nails design I found many questions that were asked in different platform, from which some of the main and important questions are as follow and we will try to cover that here in this article.

– What is a Squoval nail shape?

– How to File Squoval Nails?  

– What is the difference between oval nails and squoval nails design?

– How to make or file squoval nails from oval nails?

– Squoval Nails: How to Perfectly Trim & Shape

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Squoval Nails design is the new emerging nail design and as we know that females have a good idea about their fashion that what is trendy and what is outdated and they have to make such calculations because they need to remain up to date in the world of fashion where there is so much happening every other hour. They are the most concerning genders as they have nothing to do more than fashion.

I know that you females have a great knowledge than me but today I am going to introduce you a combo to two different nail shapes that are square and oval. When these two shapes combine together they make a new and entirely different shape called squoval nails. This squoval nail design looks awesome as it is more close to natural nails and at the same time elegant too. I know that you would have come across many types of nail designs but squoval nail design will be the best one for you to design it on your beautiful nails.

If you are an addict of different nail designs than you would have certainly used almost every nail design for Almond, square, coffin nail design, gel nail design, and so many other designs but this one is special. So do try it and enjoy the full flow of the new year. Here we are preparing a list for you these amazing Squoval nail designs which will help you in selecting the design you want the most. Be prepared we are going to start in a short while…

1. Squoval Nails Along With Geometric Style

Squoval Nails Along With Geometric Style-vvpretty

Source: brit.co

This is a new fashion that is gaining strength and the most favorite design around the globe. For this unique type of design, you will need different colors. The colors that you need are light blue, cream color, white and the hot black color. In order to be a master of this design, use black color for the border of the geometric designs on all nails. Make a triangle on the tip of the middle finger and at the bottom of the little finger with cream color polish. Make a combo of light blue and white on all the nails and you can alter the design by making a change in the color scheme or the pattern of the design. Go ahead and enjoy this multiple color design and get the attention of all around you:

2.Squoval Nails in Combination Of Colors

Squoval Nails in Combination Of Colors-vvpretty

Source: brit.co

This is a unique type of design. In this design different colors have been used but the pattern does not alter throughout the design. Though, the color pattern is changing for different nail as the design moves forward. But one thing must be noted and that is that nude nails design with the help of clear polish remains at the center. In order to be good at this design, you need to paint the selected colors at the tips and at the base of the nails. The colors that are used in this design are orange, blue, light blue, maroon, brown and black.

3. A Master Piece In Squoval Nails Design

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Master Piece In Squoval Nails Design-vvpretty

Source: brit.co

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A pattern that everyone wants. Squoval nails design has brought some amazing designs that are trendy, elegant and eye-catching at the same time. This design is a live example of this. The design is so simple yet elegant enough. Just looking at the pattern you will notice that the base of this awesome design is simply white. For adding drama and interest, some splashes of brown and blue color are used. The design is light and good both office and casual use.

4. Black And White in Squoval Nails Art

4-Squoval Nails-vvpretty

Source: brit.co

Sometimes you need to select those colors which have a marked contrast between them in order to make each other more prominent. The design that we are talking about has the same contrast. I mean black and white. To be a master of this design you have to all the nails with two colors black and white. Paint most of the nails with a white base and black tips and paint the remaining nails with black polish on the most part of the nail but do not paint white at the tip because that will look good. Just use a mixture of white and black in order to toad more interest.

5. Nude With Green At The Base, Perfect Squoval Nails

5-Squoval Nails-vvpretty

Source: brit.co

If you are in search of such a nail design that is simple and elegant at the same time then this design is the best choice for you. Just have a look at these nails. The design is simple to adopt because all you have to do is to polish all the nails with clear polish and then add the green color square shaped rectangles at the bottom of the entire nails. Due to its simplicity, the design is a good one for both formal and informal use.

6. Mermaid Inspired Squoval Nails Design

6-Squoval Nails-vvpretty

Source: brit.co

It is always good having a bright and colorful nail design as it reflects your personality. This mermaid-inspired nail design is one of the examples of this. So if you want to start your new year with bright then starting with this design will be a good choice. This is a cross originate design with multiple colors accompanying sparkly accent nail. To be a master of this design, you have to use purple color at the bottom and tips of all the nails. And on the rest of the nails use this cross hatch design of white, blue and purple. This crossing will give your design a geometric look. So enjoy the party with these squoval geometric colorful nails.

7. Squoval Nails with Blue Square

7-Squoval Nails-vvpretty

Source: brit.co

Have a look. What do you feel… don’t you think it is awesome? Yes, of course, they are amazing. You have listened too much about RED SQUARE but today we are going to show the power of BLUE SQUARE. It is blue all over the place in this design but the important part of the design is the square pattern on a few of the nails. In order to be a master of the design, you need to paint some of the nails with white polish and some with blue. The nails that have white base draw a square pattern of the same blue color you used as a base for the other nails. This is a typical blue and white color design that looks elegant.

8. Nude With Black Dots in Squoval Nails

8-Squoval Nails-vvpretty

Source: brit.co

Nude nail design is one the most frequently adopted design around the world. Females love to have this design for almost every event. In this design, all the nails are painted with a solid cream color as a foundation. It looks pristine. All you have to do is to paint all the nails with this creamy colored nail polish. To make the style more attractive and elegant just add a very well placed dot at the center of each nail at the bottom. Add some more black at the tip of every single nail. The design is so natural that reveals your feminine quality in a good way.

9. 50/50 Squoval Nail Design On Short Nails

9-Squoval Nails-vvpretty

Source: brit.co

Short nails must be revealing. In order to make them revealing you must choose some bright and light colors to create high contrast. In this design, three colors are used that are dark purple, light blue, and light pink. So to be a master of this design need to paint all the nails in such a way that everyone must occupy half space of the nail. In this design, the dark purple is used on every nail just for creating high contrast. You can change the color scheme and can select other bright and light colors for adding some more drama.

10. Half Moon Design With Gold Glitter Squoval Nails

10-Squoval Nails-vvpretty

Source: brit.co

Pink is the pen point for females. They look crazy about it. They always have a pinky touch in their fashion. It looks as if pink is their trademark. So this design is also an example of this. The design is very to apply on the nails because all you have you to do is to just paint the entire nails with the pastel pink polish. For adding some more drama and interest paint the bottom of the nails with a gold glitter color for getting more shine. This half moon design looks awesome and will definitely turn the attention of many.

11. Ocean Inspired Squoval Nails Design

11-Squoval Nails-vvpretty

Source: brit.co

Some people love nature that reveals in outlook as well. This design is good for those who love to go to oceans. So don’t worry you will get the ocean on your fingertips. How to apply the design…. so it is very simple just apply white as a base and then paint ocean blue nail polish like waves. I want some more attractiveness to leave triangle shaped area unpainted. This will give a new look to your design.

12. Pastel Pink With Pop Of Colors Squoval Nails

12-Squoval Nails-vvpretty

Source: brit.co

This is a unique design. in this design, all the fingernails are painted with extremely light pink color as a foundation. The color that is used in this design as a base is very close to the natural color of nails. Thus it also looks awesome. But the designer has made the design more attractive by adding some bright and light colors at the tips of the nails.

The tips of the nails are painted with different colors like yellowish green, with a bit darker pink and blue at the tip of the middle finger. The design is a trendy one and you can enjoy the design by adding more colors to the tips of the fingers. So that’s what the package for you with us. I hope you would have got what you were looking for. As you know that this passage has a different design of 12 manicures for you to select the best one. It has got everything for you trendy, classical, bright, light and very thing that you might look for.

So, now it is up to you whether you for a trendy one or a classical one, whether love to have a bright manicure or a light one. These designs also have some designs that are equally good for formal use as well as for casual use. But one thing must be noted by Muslims females that they cannot offer their prayer with these nails on. So make sure that these nails must be taken off before offering prayer. If you have already used any of this design and want to make a change in these designs you are well come.

I hope you have enjoyed the article for most of the aspects. If you did so then please leave a message. Your tips will always be appreciated.

Here is the Youtube video which will show you how to shape squoval nails design very easily.

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