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This category of the website is specifically for nails designs. Here you will know about the new and modern fashions for your nails and also a step by step tutorials for different nails designs.

Full Guide : How To Remove Acrylic Nails Fast & Easy

how to remove acrylic nails

Setting up things As you proceed through this process, ask yourself, “What would my manicurist do?” For starters, they’d prepare a clean, well-ventilated work area. In order not to stain or ruin your table, you should cover it so you can use acetone and clip off extensions. Kristin Gyimah, owner and CEO of Dime Nails […]

50 Remarkable Gel Nail Design Ideas Fancy up your Fingers

top Gel nail design 2019 vvpretty

Gel Nail Designs have been making progress in a fast and furious manner. Women like to wear these nails more as coffin and acrylic nails. Gels have become the hottest and the most popular design these days. They are the tremendous substitute of the other artificial nail designs. Acrylic nails can be extremely dangerous for […]

12 Best Squoval Nails Ideas for Perfect Nails Look

Squoval Nails Designs-Vvpretty

After googling about the Squoval Nails design I found many questions that were asked in different platform, from which some of the main and important questions are as follow and we will try to cover that here in this article. – What is a Squoval nail shape? – How to File Squoval Nails?   – […]

Best Short Nails Design and Ideas-2022


The artificial nails have changed the world of fashion and salon but still, there is a great demand for Short Nails design and ideas around the world. You can get the artificial beauty up to some limit but still, the artificial beauty cannot overcome and replace the natural beauty. So in this blog post, we […]

20 Best Stiletto Nails Design 2022 – Which Makes You Unique

Stiletto nail design 2019 vvpretty

Is it worth it to wear Stiletto nails design at parties? The word stiletto is known to everyone. Even your feet know this terminology very well. Still, there are some who don’t what Stiletto Nails designs? So the answer is so straightforward This word is generally used for high heel footwear. These foot-wears have sharp […]

50 Eye-Catching Acrylic Nail Designs For Lovely Look 2022

Acrylic nails designs ideas fi2

There are few artificial designs that most the women are in love with them but Acrylic Nail Designs are stunning out of all. They are acrylic manicure, dip powder nails and gel nail designs. Acrylic nails are replica nail designs that are loved for their elegant and outstanding designs. It is suitable for everyone. If […]

Nail Care Do’s and Don’ts- Best Guide 20 Tips

Nail care dos and don'ts

Twenty years ago, thе narrow spectrum оf nail polish colors included light pink, deep red, dark brown аnd аll predictable shades in between. Hоw did women еvеr survive with ѕuсh limitations? Thеѕе days, thеrе iѕ a color tо gо with еvеrу outfit, frоm bright orange tо turquoise tо chartreuse tо gray. Yоu саn еvеn match […]

50 Eye Catching Coffin Nail Designs, Best fit for 2022

Coffin Nail designs ideas

There are almost hundreds of awesome nails designs but Summer Coffin Nail Designs made its place in the top of it. Women always remain very conscious about their outlook. They take skin concerns very seriously. And they take serious measures to take care of their skin. Apart from this, there is a particular place about […]

23 Stunning Ballerina Nail Shapes- Ideas In 2022 You Must Try

Ballerina Nail Shapes idea 2019-VVPRETTY

You must be fascinated with these best Ballerina Nail Shape Ideas. Girls are always looking conscious about their fashion. That’s why today we have a new Nail fashion that is Ballerina Nail s idea ape/Ideas, which will be unique in 2020. That’s why  It is true that they never make a compromise in their fashion. […]

50 Stunning Toe Nail Designs Ideas for 2022

stunning toe nails designs 2020

Inspiration to let the summer fun begin with Charming Toe Nail designs!. Remember, fashion does not clothing only, rather it covers all the outlook of a human being to look up to date. In the following passage, we are going to talk about some toenail ideas that will provide you a great deal of information […]

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