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50 Remarkable Gel Nail Design Ideas Fancy up your Fingers

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Gel Nail Designs have been making progress in a fast and furious manner. Women like to wear these nails more as coffin and acrylic nails. Gels have become the hottest and the most popular design these days. They are the tremendous substitute of the other artificial nail designs. Acrylic nails can be extremely dangerous for natural nails. While gel nails are good for the good health of natural nails because they do not do the same damage to nails as the other artificial nails do. This makes it easy to apply and make them more popular, they are gentle and eye-catching.

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The Gel nails are quite affordable and easy to use as they are coming in different designs. These can be long, medium and short size. Whatever style suits you, choose and apply. There is no limit in designing your nail with gel nail design. You can decorate your nails whatever design you need. Gel nails are the stunning and give good look on your fingers.

top Gel nail design 2019 vvpretty
At the end of this passage, you will have sufficient information about some stunning gel nail designs that will make it easy to make your decision of your best one. These colors are very elegant looking and will bring more charm to your personality. So, we are going to start describing the best gel nail designs which were followed by most of the females this year.

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1) Celestial Pink Gel Nail Design

Celestial Pink for Everyday Angels-vvpretty

Source: instagram.com

This is a splendid style that is suitable for everyone. The base color that is predominant in this design is pink. But for adding more drama you can use the other decorations and patterns on some of the nails. The artist t shifts towards something new by adding nail tape and sponging on several nails. By making these simple adjustments you can give a new look to your nails that makes your finger more attractive and eye-catching.

2) Frosty Candy Coated Ombre Nails

The ombre color is not only good for hair but it also presents a good look when it is decorated on your beautiful nails. It just blossoms your personality. While using this design, a mixture of attractive pink along with any color can be used. You can use several colors of different shades to make it more charming and interesting. This fashionable nail design goes well with both short nails as well as long nails.

3) Metallic Roses Gel Nail Designs:

Flowers are the creatures which are loved by every single person of the world. People love to have them in their gardens, public parks and everywhere they imagine going. Due to this, the gel nail designers have brought a perfect blend of rose decorated nails. Women love those shades which can go easily last for a long time. All you need to do is to just select the pink and white color. Draw some beautiful flower designs on several nails. Decorate all the nails with rhinestones in order look your nails more interesting and eye-catching.

4) Rose Gold Tips Gel Nails Designs

Rose Gold Tips Gel Nails Designs

Source: instagram.com

There was a time when Rose Gold was only using for the jewelry. Now, this color is very much in nails designs and it looks awesome as well. It is a color that is praised and liked all around the world this is because it is fit for every skin. Paint all your nails with rose gold color and some shine for creating more interest. This is one of those designs which can be used not only for office but for casual events as well.

5)Exclusive and Understated Geometric Stylish Design

This design is very good for those women who love to have short but elegant nails. This design has white triangles in contrast with a dark purple color makes the design more attractive. This a short nail design yet very colorful which look good on the eyes. You can simply change the design of nails by changing the dark color into a slightly lighter one.

6)Dazzling Pink and Glitter Nails

Dazzling Pink and Glitter Nails-vvpretty

Source: instagram.com

This is one the foremost choice of all the females around the globe. A soft reddish pink in a blend with rich and deluxe silver like glitter. These nails are sure to impress you among all those around you. These artificial nails will take to the next level.

7) Mandalas Nails design Perfect for Office

It is always a problem to select such designs that are good for office use as well as for outings. So if you are one of them who face this problem this design is the best choice for you. This short nail design is a blend of natural nail colors with accent nail that reveals a good style. Paint some of your nails with solid black color along with matte pink and a few are in white color and the remaining nails are in white base with the net-like pattern on the top. This is a colorful design that lasts for a long time.

8) A soft Look that Reveals A Lot

It is a soft and light design create a greater impact than a more dense and colorful one. Those women who love to have a soft yet delicate design then they must try this one. All you have to do is to paint all the nail with light pink, add a gold band to the design more interesting and attractive.

9) A Twist on Ombre and French

This design offers a brand new perception of an older and well-followed nail trend, called French manicure. In this design, the gel nails have been painted with an ombre along with purple shades moving from light to dark. The tip is polished with black color that gives a new look to the design.

10) Blue Half Moon Gel Nail Design

Blue Half Moon Gel Nail Art-vvpretty

Source: magplanet.com

The back end of the nails in this design is called half moon. This nail design plays on the structure of the nails by highlighting this area with natural shades. Paint the rest of the nails with blue, you will get one of the elegant designs in the modern day era. Though, it is simple yet stylish.

11) Submissive Yet Flicker

Submissive Yet Flicker vvpretty

Source: instagram.com

If love restrained nail designs then you have a better option in the shape of these nails. This mixture is a combo of lighter and trending nail colors with a shining one at the top. You can use it anywhere you want whether at the office or at the casual meeting.

12) Elegant Baby Boomer Gel Nail Art

Boomer Nails vvpretty nails

Source: instagram.com

This is one of the splendid nail designs which are most requested around the globe. This is because it has a brilliant shape and a very handsome design and color scheme. A delicate ombre of pink color makes this design able to everlasting, simple and attractive. The nails present a smashing display of the nails. These nails display a minimalist grace. If you want to add some more drama, just add some crystal at the tips. This is done to get a visual look.

13) An Impertinent Fade to Black

An Impertinent Fade to Black vvpretty

Source: pictame.com

This is an elegant nail design that looks very cute on the eyes. But that’s not all you can get more styles by adding the colors you love to apply on your nails. The only thing you need to do is to just slowly fade the desired color into a black one. You can follow more designs by applying more and more colors. These colors may be from green to red to blue. It is up to you now, what kind of blind you require. All these will bring more charm and beauty.

14) Shiny Gel Manicure for Autumn

Autumn is the season that is not the favorite of many. Because everything in this season looks dull and hazy. But don’t worry because there are things that can bring a smile to your face. In this design, paint some of your nails with solid coffee color, paint some of them with glitter silver color and the remaining with glitter gold. This is one the most charming and eye-catching color. In this design all the nails complementary to every skin. The addition of the shiny surface is glittery enough provides more charm to personal identity.

15) Unique Pink Design on the Classic French Manicure

Unique Pink Design on the Classic French Manicure vvpretty

Source: instagram.com

French tips along with the shiny glitter make this design more attractive and eye-catching. This is a fantastic idea that can also be done with the help of any color you want to have in your hand. This design is actually the dual decorated design of the same color. Paint all the nails with pink which is the most favorite for all the women. Just paint all the nails with a pink hue, add glitter at the tips of all finger to the design more eye-catching.

16) Three Dimensional Gel Nail Design

Three Dimensional Gel Nail Design vvpretty

Source: highpe.com

The introduction of the 3D technology has influenced almost every aspect of life which can be seen I these nail designs. In this design French tip is again repeated but this the color is the red one. To have this design use light crystal like gel nails and then paint the tips of the nail with slid red color. By adding an accent nail a 3D rose-like design which will be a great joy for everyone.

17) Romantic French Tips with Rhinestones on

french gel nails art vvpretty

Source: instagram.com

This looks natural but elegant. This manicure has traditional French tips that are in updated form. This is a design that looks more graceful in a combo with rhinestones like diamond or other precious stones. This looks fantastic along with an engagement ring.

18) Combo of Pink and White with Glitter and Shine

Romantic French Tips with Rhinestones on vvpretty

Source: instagram.com

This fancy gel nail design makes a lovely statement that is obviously observed by others with great interest. Mixing things up with alternating pink nails along with shiny nails, for creating an astonishing look. This design will give you a great look among the crowd around you. This is an elegant style that can be used for both formal and informal occasions.


19) Natural Nudes along with Some Blistering Shine

In this manicure, a neutral pink color is mixed with a very shiny one. This combo works together handsomely as both of them give assistant to each other in a perfect way. This will highlight your artificial nails in a great way. This is a design that equally good for both types of nails i.e. long nails as well as short nails. Go ahead for a beautiful awesome nail design that matches any type of skin.

20) Aqua and Gold Gel Nail Art

Aqua and Gold Gel Nail Art vvpretty

Source: instagram.com

This design has a slight ballerina shape for those nail addict women who don’t feel well with other designs. All you have to do is to paint in blue the tip of most of the nails. Forgiving a new charm and look to the design paint one the nails with gold glitter. As gold color is one of the weak points of women around the world. This is a simple design but still look very handsome without being so loaded with many colors.

21) Gel Nails Design with a Tiny Heart on a Finger

This design is the most elegant design because it has some dark colors in contrast with a simple nail having a tiny heart on it. The color selection has made this design unexpectedly amazing from other gel nail designs. For this design, the designer has just selected one nail for tiny little heart with a somewhat light pink base. The rest of the nails are painted with solid ocean blue color. if you want to show love to your beloved ones this is the best design for you.

22) Light Winter Sky Sparkle Nail Design

Light Winter Sky Sparkle Nail Design vvpretty

Source: fasbest.com

Pretty pastel nail design always remembers us the cold snowy mornings of our life. This nail design is one of the designs that are followed throughout the year. Paint some of the nails with greenish white. Polished one of the nails with pastel pink color. but the design looks very nice when a twist of silver is added. This is the nail design which will look awesome in frosty season.

23) Versatility with Exposed, Black and Gold nail Designs

Selecting a blend of nude, black and white provides versatility to your nail design. This mixture of different colors is suitable for night outings. Then at the center has a delicate golden at the center make it amazing and different looking from the rest of the nails. Paint the remaining nails with a black having an arrow design at the center, across the nail. For more drama add some gold rhinestones at the bottom of the nails.

24) Glisten, Chevron and Exposed Gel Nail Design

Glisten, Chevron and Exposed Gel Nail Design vvpretty

Source: jamberry.com

This is the most perfect design for those ladies who want to have a blend of many colors. The design go well both, long nails as well as short nails. Paint few of the nails with soft pink, polish the next nail to the accent nail with white having some sparking chevron on it. Bring more interest by painting one of the nails with glitter gold. This must very next to the white nail. This is an eye-catching design that will always be noticed whenever you go for an outing.

25) Fancy Flower-Patterned with a Black Background

Updating black nails with floral style is pleasant to see and easy too. Paint some roses, peonies or any other flower pattern you love on a black backdrop is an excellent way to romanticize your nail design. This nail design is matching with other designs like acrylic or coffin nail design. This mixture of red roses, white flowers, and green leaves along with a black background creates an interesting outlook that catches the attention of each one. So go with this beautiful style to an office or for evening outings this will last much longer you thought.

26) Jewel Tones along with Glitter


Source: linasbest.com

This full of meaning and rich shiny is a good nail design to adjust some pop of jewel on it in order to make it elegant and graceful. In this design, one of the accent nails is decorated with strategically placed glitter pops of different colors give a new look to the design. The rest of the nails are just painted with the same dark greenish color. this design is good for those who don’t know much about nail designs because this is easy, stylish and sensational too.

27) A Touch of Glimmer Gives New Look to the Blue

This is a midnight blue color that itself is charming and breathtaking color but when it is used for the nail design it looks awesome. Just color all the nails with midnight dark blue and add some pops of shiny frosting and then add tiny little crystals to complete the design. The adjustment of applying the crystals is very easy, just add them with the help of some glue or other cohesive material. If you want to protect your nails design of falling then cover it up with a clear, shiny top coat.

28) FreeHand Chevron Gel Nail Design


28-gel-nail-designs vvprettyl

Source: instagram.com


Making a combination of a nude nail with a gold glitter is an outstanding way to add interest to your loving style. Paint some of the nails with matte paint, the others with white and the remaining with gold glitter to add drama. The design becomes more attractive and eye-catching by drawing a double chevron on one nail. The polish must be applied very carefully between the V-shaped strips. Remove the strips on drying. For finishing, use the top coat.

29) Understated Nudes with a Great Surprise



Source: koees.com


The design is very well for work as well as for play. This is a simple, short nail design that looks incredible and unique at the same time. This design matches every type of skin along with every type of wearing. All you have to do is to paint all the nails with matte pink. This will give a simple look to your design. But you don’t need to keep it simple. You can make it so attractive by adding a semi-circle of gold dots on an accent nail. If you don’t want to use gold, you have other options like silver or other pops of green or blue color.

30) A blushing Fade to White along with Silver Glitter



This is a beautiful design that has two different colors at the same nail along with shiny silver. The idealistic pink color gradually fades in white with a slight ombre technique. But if you want to make your design stylish add some embellishments at the base of the nails.

31) Pink and Polynesian Nail Design

This remarkable blends several colors and designs at the same time. The white color is at the base making a half moon shape along with stunning pink crystals decorate the base of one in the design. There is the Polynesian shape on several nails. This provides a three-dimensional look to the design. This is an awesome design that is very trendy and elegant that brings charm to your style.


32) Green along with Bubbly Vines

Green along with Bubbly Vines  vvpretty

Source: instagram.com

The combination of light green and white looks very pleasant on the eyes. In this design paint several nails with pastel green. The remaining two nails paint a white base and add a pattern of green leaves in order to add more interest. The design looks awesome and environmental. This is also good for spring parties.

33) Lively Shinning Compliments Fascinating Coral

Green along with Bubbly Vines  vvpretty

Source: lueracraft.us

The combo of three fascinating colors make, this design more lively and good looking. In this combo paint solid at the extreme fingernails while painting faint silver with glitter on a few nails, for more interest polish the remaining nails with a bit of dark glitter silver. This will add more drama to the design.

34) Geometric Design along with Jewel Touch

The solid emerald green looks awesome that very next to a very outstanding color that is pale green. These two same types of colors create a great look. In this design, some nail has been painted with matte pink n order to give a new touch to the design. And above that, all colors are strategically placed on one nail along with beautiful geometric shape that provides a new look to the design.

35) A Blend of White and Gold

A Blend of White and Gold vvpretty

Source: vk.com

It seems that this nail design can’t be prettiest than this combo, I mean white and gold matches exceptionally well in this design. Almost all the nail are polished with a very pinkish white color. There is a glitter gold leave pattern on a white base on the ring finger which makes the design attractive. The reaming lone finger is completely polished with gold glitter toad some more drama.

36) Sparkling All Over

Sparkling All Over

Source: fasbest.com

The dark colored design looks more attractive when it is used in a combination with glitter. In this design most of the nails are painted with extremely dark blue color and remaining nails are painted light, creamy pink with glitter pops on. It is an elegant design for those who look for more glamour.

37) Shimmer and Light pretty design

If you are in a state whether to go with shiny or light natural color, so the best option for you to go half- half. This design is very simple to apply because all the effort required is to paint all the nails with a simple natural slight pinkish white color. Then add some glitter pops of different colors like gold, and black. This will look astonishing.

38) Stunning Galaxy 3D Nails

These three-dimensional designs are getting more popular than any other nail designs. In order to create such a look, you need holographic powder. After the application of the powder, use eye-shade applicators to beige the powder on to the surface of the nails. Fasten the design with a gleaming UV top coat. So go ahead and join the modern world of fashion in a modern way.

39) Pastel Nail Designs in Sherbet Color

This beautiful and aristocratic look is one the favorite nail design around the world. This design is good almond shaped short nails. Each almond-shaped nail is washed with a different color to make sherbet of it. You can the color of your choice. it is simple but elegant.

40) Simple But Graceful French nail design

This is a French classic nail design the looks natural but completely delightful on the eyes. This is a design of blushing pink with a white at the top. This design will suit you for outings with your friends.

41) Maritime Nails with a Starfish and Mermaid on Top

Maritime Nails with a Starfish and Mermaid on Top

Source: queen.gr

If you want a mermaid-like look to apply, these nautically inspired design. Use sea like the color as a backdrop for drawing a starfish on it. On the very next nail use white strips for making it more interesting. Add some drama by polishing the last nail with gold glitter. This is a splendid design that can be used for both purposes i.e. for casual occasions as well as formal.

42) A Golden Gilded Heart

These square shaped nails are painted with matte pink. It is good to see that among all the pink there is a solid white, which blesses more charm to the design. As you can notice that all the nails are in pink, except one which is in white, having a beautiful golden heart on it. If you want something else then try a star or diamond. This vibrant design is the best way to show speechless romantic.

43) French Nior Nails

This is another beautiful French manicure which resembles skin. In his design the skin like is used very elegantly. All the nails are simply polished with pink color except the of the nail because the tips have black shade in order to give new look to the design. So if you like skin like wearing then this will be a good choice for you.

44) Dramatic nail design with Black and Gold

This cute design is very simple to apply but believe this will bring great reward. With a triangle of black color at the top and the same triangle of gold at the bottom make this design exceptionally eye-catching. The pastel pink at the center looks awesome which provides these two colors more brightness. Though it looks so simple on eyes yet very fancy and snatch attention of many.

45) Cool Grey with hearts nails design

Add Flamboyance with Black and Gold vvpretty

Source: ss.com

Well, grey is always thought to be a dull color that is not usually like by females. Got don’t worry in this design the grey color is presented in such a way that it very glamorous. In this design, all the nails are polished with gray color. For adding some drama two of the nails are painted silver glitter. The two tiny little hearts in the design on accent nails provide a glamorous look to the design. This design suits both occasions i.e. formal or informal.

46) Surprising Texture Looks Awesome


Source: weheartit.com

This design is a mixture of pink and grey. These two colors are mixed together to have a marvelous look. The ring finger and middle finger are decked out with a rough texture like sand to create a new look. These nails must be glittery and sandy at the same time. Start with a pink at the base and then gradually fade into grey. If you are creative enough then keep changing the color and the pattern until your level satisfactory reaches.

47) Glitter and Sparkle Make White Nails Speak

These nails though look very simple but speak a lot. This must be a choice of the bride on that special day. In this design paint all the nails with a white base. After doing this, draw some perfect strips on a few nails. After this add some silver glitter on the rest of the nails. This is one the simplest color to be used on fingers nails because of the white color. but it is very special design that goes well with every kind of skin as well as color. So, don’t miss this awesome design because it will be good for your personality.


48) Pink and White with a Butterfly

Coral nail polish is one the most followed fashion in the world of modern fashion. These square shaped nails are in pink color. In order to avoid uni-chromic design add white color in the design to gain some attention. For adding for more dramatic stuff, draw a butterfly pattern on the white based nails.

49) Lovely Lilacs Grace Lavender Nails

Nails with floral designs are unparallel in charm and beauty. This is a timeless trend which is the choice of everyone and every time. This design is an evergreen design. And I like it so much. This is a simple design of two different colors i.e. light purple and white. In this design paint all the nails with a beautiful light purple except two nails. Paint these two nails with solid white. Draw beautiful tiny floral patterns on the white based nails. This is a gorgeous nail design that suits every kind of occasion, whether is tea party, office work or any other outings.

50) Pink and Glitter Silver Bring Happiness

Pink color is known as feminine color and that’s true because you will see a touch of pink in any feminine gathering. This is an awesome color and has a romantic look. In this design, pink is used as predominant as some of the nails are completely polished with pink color and one of them is used as a base for the silver glitter. One of the nails is painted with silver glitter for adding some interest. There is a small shiny silver triangle on the thumb which looks cool. This is an awesome design that lasts from day to night.

It was about  50 Most Alluring Gel Nail Designs to look Fanciest Fingers

Now at the end of this article, I am sure that you will be in a better position to have more information about gel nail designs. These nails designs are splendid and awesome in its designing and attractive and eye-catching in observing. These designs give a fair idea of nail art the development which has been made by designers. You can easily apply your favorite color along with your favorite design. Your imagination brings more verity to the gel nail art. Gel nail designs also provide you with a platform to discover your own creativity in nail designs. Sometimes it is difficult to initiate a new task but if some sketch is provided then it becomes easy to build on those platforms. So your little effort may bring you a lot of fruit. A small amount of risk may pay a big time. Your little amount of creation may lead you to a remarkable design. So it is a good opportunity for someone to make some good adjustments to the gel nail designs. Again Muslim women can also use it without any bother but before prayer, you will have to take these nail off. So try Gel Nail Design for having more fun. We will appreciate the ideas form you in the course of gel nail designs.

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