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Top 15 Almond Shaped Nail Designs Ideas 2022

I mean seriously “Almond Shaped Nail Designs“.WOW!!. Yeah, It’s human nature that they always look for new innovations. Human nature does not allow them to adopt the same thing for a long period of time. They always keep on changing the old ways in search of betterment. Keeping that in mind today we are going to talk about a new nail design that is called Almond nail design. This is one of the best nail design because of its flexibility. You can apply the design to any type of nails such as coffin nails, gel nails, and many other nail designs. The design is suitable for those who love to have short nails. These nails look natural as the length of the nails is almost the same of natural nails.

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Almond Shaped Nail Designs

Everyone knows their choices whether they like pointed sharp nails like stiletto nails, or square shape nails but what about Almond nail design. A different look, having a flat shape and good to apply different designs like floral and shining and many more. So do not wait more…… otherwise, you would miss a great pleasure. Here we are preparing a list for you to enjoy this year along with your new nail designs.

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1. Swimming Pool Almond Nail Design

Almond shape nails are very popular around the world. Look at these nails they the perfect example of almond nail design. Though they are short yet very eye catching. To be a master of this design you have to paint all the nails with ocean blue color. For making the design more attractive leave the bottom without paint. But I think this monochromatic design will not be enough to attract people. But don’t worry you can add some gold glitter triangles at the base of the nails. The design is very good for those who love to have short nails which are equally good for office and casual parties. Enjoy the unforgettable moments of your life along with these amazing nail design.

2. Almond Nail Design with a Holographic Foil Nails

Magnificent almond nail design having a three-dimensional look. looks difficult at first impression, but very easy on application. The color that is used for the base is an excellent one and the foils that are decorated on the nails make a contrast between the colors. This contrast makes each color prominent. The base color that is used in this design is pastel purple. This light purple color is applied as a foundation, looks artistic. For more attraction, the designer has added a bunch of different glitter colors in order to provide the design a holographic look. These colors are green, golden, blue and somehow pink. But that’s not the final decoration you can add your ideas to make it more attractive.

3. Pink-Gold Almond shaped nails


Pink is always the go-to color for everyone who has a feminine sense. Well, I want to say that this color is very popular when it comes to fashion. I think this is one of the weak points of females. The design is totally mind blowing though it looks simple. To be a master of this design you need to paint all the nails with a light pink polish. This will be awesome to decorate it with some gold rhinestones. This will keep the design a cool one. So pink with gold on is the best combination to pick the attention of many.

4.Geometric Almond Shaped Nails

Geometry has nothing to do with almond. Yes, it is true, but in this case. Well, this case is different because it is something that concerns your nails. It means that are allowed to decorate your almond-shaped nails with any kind of design. in this particular nail design, two colors are used to create some splendid geometric shapes. The design has pink polish as a foundation and light blue is perfectly used for making geometric designs on the nails. This design is good for both formal and informal work.

5. Pale Pink with Gold Glitter Strips-Almond shaped

Well pink again, this looks to be the pattern of the day. So let’s have a talk about it. In this design, the major color is soft pink. This soft pink is used as a foundation in the design for an expensive gold color. The golden strips that are used in this design are placed strategically. For some nails, the strip is at the center from top to bottom and for some across the nail and for some at the side. If you are found of glitter nails then this is one of the best choices for you.

6. The Combo of Brown and Blue-Almond Shaped Nails

Almond nail design is at its best. The design looks awesome, though peoples’ general perception is that these colors are dull and cannot be used nail designing. The application is very simple. Just uses the light blue color as a base. Then add the brown color in a semi-circle shape in order to create more drama. The design overall looks cool and attractive. Just you have to apply for justification. This beautiful almond nail design is good for office as well as casual appearance. If you want to have changed, just change the color scheme.

7. Almond Nail Design in Cream Color with Golden Dots

If you are in search of something special and you don’t decide which color will the best one to work with. Then in this situation cream color is the best choice for you to follow without any hesitation. To be a master of this design you need a pastel cream nail polish. First of all paint all the nails with the pastel cream nail polish as a base. Add some glittering in the form of gold color gems at the bottom of the entire nails. For more interest, draw a line of white color right through the gold gems. This will give a new look to the design.

8. A Multi-Color Almond Shaped Nails Design

You will be thinking that almond nail designs are so simple and they are monochromatic as well. But do not worry we have a colorful design for you in the tank. Let me introduce this awesome nail design in which the designers have selected three awesome colors i.e. hot pink, electric yellow, and pastel pink. In this almond nail design, light pink is painted as a base color. and hot pink is added to the entire nails just on a side and the electric yellow is used at the tip of all nails. The combo makes the design a unique one to have on your nails. So enjoy whatever you up to with this beautiful almond nail design.

9. Astute Almond Shaped Nails

It is always a challenge for the designers to select such color that should not be boring and at the same time, it looks different from all other designs. Yes, this is a really difficult job but designers do it with so ease. The color that is selected for this design is grey. The color that is considered one of the dullest colors and doesn’t have the potential to use in fashion, especially in nail designing. But how awesomely, the designers have extracted this piece of art. Look it is just designed with a single hue. But believe me, this design is awesome. In short words, simple yet eye-catching.

10. Accent Almond Shaped Nails with Foils

This is an amazing almond nails design. pink always looks awesome. Apart from this is the only color that is very close to our skin. The is kept simple by just polishing the entire nails with light pink. There is only one nail that has been selected for foil. These dark brown color foils are used to enhance the attraction of the design. The use of only one color makes the design simple and attractive. These nails good for office work because of its simplicity.

11. Almond Nail Design with Copper Foil

The nails you are looking at is a simple dichromatic design. the design is so elegant as at the tip of the nails metallic copper foil is used for glitter and the color starts fading as it comes downwards and eventually ends in a clear polish. Though it looks very simple yet very eye-catching. If you do not feel well with bright colors then this design might be the go-to design for you because it has everything for you, style, affection, love and simplicity.

12. Lavender and White in an Almond Nail Design

This design is thought to be a design of summer. But I think you do not need to wait for summer as this design is equally good for both season’s winter and summer. The design is a combination of cool lavender and white crisp. To be a master of this design you need only two nail color polish. Use this awesome lavender as a foundation on the entire nails. For adding some drama just paints a few geometric designs on two nails. Draw a white polish on almost half nail from top to bottom. Also, add some strips of lavender and white triangle on of the fingers. The design is cool and crispy.

13. Fuchsia and Light Almond Nail Designs

Look at this design!!! What do you think about this design? The designers have made this wonderful design by combing two completely contrasting colors to make a different shape. In this design, the tip of the nails are polished with hot pink color and kept the base of the nails clear. The design due to its simple shades looks amazing. If you are in love with simple manicure along with gloom then try this design.

14. White Marble Design in Almond Nail Shape

If you want to stay at home and want to match your nail to match the interior of your home then must try this design. the secrete behind the beauty of this design is the marble look. the design is very simple but that does not mean that it is not attractive. Despite being so simple, they present a really natural presentation of your nails. In the following design white color is used as a base and for adding some fun some black strips are polished on the entire nails. In order to fade the shine of the nails matte like the coat is polished at the end.

15. Almond Shaped Nails in Navy and White Color

Everything needs innovations so as the nail designs. The design we are talking about is one the modern nail designs that is navy and white color nail design. The combo is excellent as the traditional way of designing is not followed in this manicure. How to apply … so it is very easy. Paint most of the nails with dark navy blue color. Then paint the remaining nails with white and navy touch. Do whatever design you want to apply. But in this particular manicure white and navy is used in a geometric pattern. But that’s not final you can change the color from white to any. But keep n mind one thing that you want to change must have a good combination with blue.

I hope you would have a fair idea of the designs that are in these days. As these designs are approachable and easy to apply that is why anyone can get benefits from these manicures. There are females who are just crazy about the nail designs and always keen to have modern designs on their nails. So such females should stick to our website to get the most modern nails ideas around the world. Almond nail manicure is very simple and natural to fit to very skin and color. These nail designs have so many kinds that could be apply on the nails even at home. That is I say that these designs are flexible. So the ideas mentioned above are the not the final one you can add some innovations to it. If you have something special regarding almond nails then do not hesitate to share with us. One thing for the Muslim females is that they cannot offer prayer with their nails on so make sure whenever you pray take off all the nails you have on your fingers. I hope you have enjoyed reading this. If you did so then please leave a message.

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