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50 Eye-Catching Acrylic Nail Designs For Lovely Look 2022

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There are few artificial designs that most the women are in love with them but Acrylic Nail Designs are stunning out of all. They are acrylic manicure, dip powder nails and gel nail designs. Acrylic nails are replica nail designs that are loved for their elegant and outstanding designs. It is suitable for everyone. If someone love the long lengths acrylic is there for them, if they are in love with medium size nails, it is available also in acrylic designs as well. If you are looking for short nails it is also available. So, it means that every design that you can imagine is available for you.

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Why to choose the Acrylic Nail designs?

Acrylic Nail design ideas

Acrylic nails have different kinds that are stylish and attractive. The different forms of acrylic nails are dip powder nails and gel powder nails. In the case of dip powder, you have to keep the nails in powder and then seal it with a clean shielding polish. While in gel powder nails, the manicure is made from a gel substance that is cured under ultraviolet light. But most of the acrylic is achieved from by mixing a monomer that comes in liquid form, with a polymer, which is a powder. The mixture after some time converts in to a rather solid form. After this, the solid form we have then converted into nail with the help of a special brush. Then these dry nails are applied to the desired design.

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The acrylic nails are so much popular not only because it presents so many designs, but it becomes so tough through the chemical process. Due to this ability you can these nails without any fear of being broken down during working. Due to this special feature, these nails are followed throughout the globe. Despite the fact that these nails are so strong bit still quite easy to remove as compare to gel nails.
Whenever a product is selected there are some main aspects that are checked by the customer. First of all the quality of the product and its price. The acrylic nails are so cheap as compare to gel nails. Acrylic nails are affordable even it is done at saloon because of cheap price. When you look for a saloon then choose a specialized saloon that could handle the process in a proper way.

1. Almond Acrylic Nails Design

I am going to put this Almond Shaped Acrylic Nail design on the top of the list because of its natural and crispy look. Almond acrylic nails are one of the most popular nails designs due to their moderate shape that falls between a gentle oval and a sharp stiletto. And using acrylics lends both length and strength to this style which makes it kinda unique. There are a lot of Almond Acrylic Nails design out there on which we will be writing in a separate article on our website so you can search for that our website, just type Almond acrylic nails design and it will be pop up there if we posted by that time. Hers is one Almond Acrylic Nails for you.

Soft Ombre (Almond Acrylic design)

By the combination of Almond shaped acrylic design and Ombre makes it unique in all other acrylic designs. Because of the sober ombre pattern which works very well with almond-shaped acrylic nails and makes it glamorous. Also for a subtle look, you can create a gradient color that goes from a soft pink color at the base to whitish near the tips of the nails.

1.1 Light brown Oval and Glitter Acrylic Nail Designs


Source: alldayfash.us

This is one of the favorite nail designs for this year. This is the mixture of a solid with a glitter of within the similar shade. This design suits those women who prefer a tone that is perfect for every event from informal to formal because this light brown match with everything. For more interest add a pop of glitter alteration. This might be plain or zest. This style looks awesome with an oval nail shape.

2. Gold French Tip Nail Design:

Those women who are just crazy about nail designs, especially in bold colors for instance gold, should follow Gold French Tip Nail Design. The presentation of coffee colored nails, when decorated with gold tips creates a perfect match. This combo is best for concoction parties etc. but this does not mean that this beautiful design cannot be used for other occasions. This design is perfect for casual wear in the evening times.

3. Amazing Chocolate and singly Silver Design

Try a new design in 2018 for a unique and splendid look. This type of manicure is combo of four nails in solid dark color and one nail in shinny color. Dark chocolate make a perfect combo with a glittery silver. This will add more drama and fun to your style. This color combination is good for casual occasions as well as for formal outings.

4. Stylish Beige Short Nail Design

Beige Short Nail Design-acrylic-nail-art-vvpretty

Source: instagram.com

Short Acrylic nails in light brown color goes well with everything and with all type of skins. But how will decorate your nails in a very stylish manner. Shading one of the nails into a crisscross design with rhinestones at every crossing for an elegant look. Use it at both formal and informal junctures.

5. Teardrop and Glitter Short Acrylic Design

Bring new innovation is a great fun in acrylics designs. Begin with light colors on short nails and the move towards rhinestones along with shine. This will provide a new to nail designing. But do not forget to add a teardrop on every nail apart from the glittered nail. This will be outstanding.

6. Unique Onyx with Gold Glitter Nail Design

There are so many styles for acrylics, and these styles are unique. The use of glitter is used in many styles. Begin with an onyx base and then add gold glitter to the tip of every black nail and with a single nail featuring glitter from top to bottom. This is a perfect look for night out parties.

7. Shinny and Lavender Acrylic Nails

Glitter and Mauve Acrylic Nail designs-vvpretty

Source: instagram.com

Glitter with mixing colors look awesome when it is designed well. Shades of light purple with silver glitter is a great combo. Add silver glitter to some of the nails, then begin some nails some nails with lightest lavender color at the bottom and convert it into deeper lavender color. And then add the deep lavender to the remaining nails.

8. Oil Painting Nail Designs

This is the most unusual and unique nail design which is not often followed, but it looks awesome. Polish all the nails with white base and then add spots of blue, pink and silver that look like oil painting. This is a casual look that goes well with jeans and leggings.

9. Pink Bubblegum and Gold Speckles Nail Design

Pink Bubblegum and Gold Speckles -vvpretty.com

Source: instagram.com

This pink bubblegum is the favorite color of every woman especially when it appears in a form of nail design. In this design pink is combined with gold speckles. These long nail in the square patterns are in two identical colors that are pink and white gold and pink speckles. The design is very dramatic and full of energy.

10. Long Acrylic Nails with Coffee Cream and Glitter

Coffee Cream and Glitter Long -vvpretty

Source: instagram.com

This is one of the best artificial nail design for the year. The design is basically coffee colored along within square shape, have various shades. These shades are in dark coffee, medium coffee and coffee with cream in a combo with bronze glitter colored. This design is equally good for day and evening because of its natural color scheme.

11. Exclusive Aqua Blue Swirl Acrylic Design

This is the most simple but eye-catching design which is painting acrylics in a combination with a dark aqua blue and white swirly patterns. The round shaped short nails are applied with the base of a dark aqua blue color then tiny swirls of white are designed on top. It is a soft design good for offices and weekend outings.

12. Deep Ocean Short Nail Art

Deep Ocean Short Nail Design-vvpretty

Source: fenzyme.com

This is one of the most pristine ways to decorate your nails in the deepest dark blue color. Short dark nails or square shape are painted in a deep dark blue color so it start looking like the deep sea. After decorating your nails with modern design to give a new look. This design matches well, with a casual wear.

13. Pink Peony Designer Nail Art


Pink Peony Designer Nail Art-idea-vvpretty

Source: instagram.com


This is an exclusive design in which you have to paint on of your nails with a beautiful portrait of a well designed flower. There are two shinning pinks, along with their green leaves, look awesome. The other nail is polished with dark shimmery gold. Paint the rest of the nails bubbly pink along with rhinestones decoration.

14. Crated Ice Frosted Nail Art

This is a cool nail style for acrylics to make such nail designs which look cool and splendid. These are also filed in a square shape but long nails. Coated these nails with various frosty colors, using blue shine with a white shade. This is a perfect match with blue jeans and sweaters in winter.

15. Outstanding Chocolate and Glitter Nail Design:

Chocolate and Glitter Nails-vvpretty

Source: instagram.com

What is classy and elegant? It is when a female graces her hands in chocolate and glitter. These nails are shaped in a square pattern. Polish the dark chocolate color most of the acrylic nails. Feature the remaining nails in glitter style in silver and silver brown.

16. Ebony Paint and Sprinkles Acrylics Nail Art

Ebony Paint and Sprinkles Nail Art-vvpretty

Source: instagram.com

In order to make your hands, vocal is to keep your acrylic nail style in the same color but with two different surfaces. First of all, filed your long nails into a square shape. Then paint some of the nails completely black and covered a few of them with black sprinkles. That’s all you need to do. It looks awesome.

17. Shiny with Gold and Cream Piercing Nail Design

Sparkles with Gold and Creme Pointed Nails-vvpretty

Source: instagram.com

There are some fashions which look much unexpected but look very stylish when it is applied on the hands. Though it is not as popular as square or oval but still create a great impact when such acrylic colors are used in combination with glowing and shining shades like glitter gold colors. You can also add gold polish, cream polish and shiny polish.

18. Best Artificial Nails in Bright Green

Artificial Nails in Emerald Green-vvpretty

Source: vk.com

This style is a classic way to portray acrylics with strong colors such as bright green. In this style most of the nails have got majestic form of green color. But decorate two nails with green rhinestones in order to make the design more attractive and graceful. This style is good for both affairs casual and fancy.

19. Easy Bronze and Light Brown Nails

Bronze and Light Brown Nails

Source: instagram.com

This is another way to display your nails by applied a sole color on half nails and another color on the remaining nails. But remember the nails must be long as well as square shaped. In this design the light brown color covers one half of the nails and while glitter bronze color covers the rest of the nails. This style suits those women who like the light and soft colors.

20. Aztec Inspired Nail Designs

Aztec Inspired Nail Art Designs-vvpretty

Source: instagram.com

Nail designs look inspiring as well as awesome when they are decorated in a unique manner.this design is Aztec culture inspired. Two of the nails illustrated in an Aztec print using peach for the and light brown for the print. Paint the remaining nails with dark brown color.

21. Clear and Simple Long Replica Nails

Clear and Simple Long Replica Nails-vvpretty

Source: weheartit.com

Squared long acrylic nails look great in different colors and designs, but they look even better in simple natural format. First of all, apply acrylic to your nails and then stick down with a clear polish. Though it looks simple but has a very attractive look. It suits all kinds of gatherings from casual to fancy.

22. Pink and Shinny Fake Nails

Pink and Glitter Long False Nails

Source: nenuno.co.uk

Pink is one the best choice of every single lady in every kind of fashion, whether it is clothing, hairstyle or nail design, and this color becomes more attractive in the company of pink glitter. Here you are a design in which half of long, square shaped nails are polished with pink and the other half are polished with pink glitter. This is a design easily go with fancy as well as casual.

23. Stunning Bronze Short Nail Design

Bronze is as favorite color as gold and silver. So, going with bronze might be new idea that will work in the same way as gold and silver do. Here all the nails are just simply polished with a beautiful glitter bronze. There is no other color or rhinestone used just because of keeping it simple but graceful which match with everything. This is more fancy design than casual, so it is good fancy events, such as evening gatherings.

24. Attractive Coral and Gold Nail Design

Coral and Gold Nail Art-

Source: koees.com

The sign of the best designer is that most of the time mix different colors on a single display in such a way that all the match perfectly. The pure coral is applied on some of the nails, but on the rest of the nails, gold and coral pink are used in such that make the design more attractive and fancy. One of the nails is pure gold, the other nail has a pattern of a web of coral and pink. This is a fancy design which is suitable for outdoor meetings.

25. Red Acrylic Nails with White and Gold

Acrylic design with White and Gold-vvpretty

Source: awimina.com

Long pointed nails are also very much these days especially when they come in different designs and colors. In this design color half of the nails with classic and remaining half with white and having golden lines and strips on it for adding more interest. This is a casual look that goes with jeans and uppers.

26. Black Hearts Designers Nail Designs

Black Hearts Designers Nail Designs-vvpretty

This art most of the times consisting of an all-time favorite design- the heart. Here, a single black heart on a transparent nail is polished on the same fingernails of both the hands. Rest of the nails are displayed in pure black. The nails must be short and in square shape. This portray is good casual events.

27. Gold and Pink and Shinning Acrylic Nails

Most of the colors make a perfect match with gold, and gold is also the best choice for the acrylics. The two most matching colors with gold are pink and white. Here two nails are displayed in shiny gold. The other two nails are showcased with a white base along with two arrows of gold color. The remainder nails are polished with pink. This is a very eye-catching design for casual as well as for formal outings.

28. False Nails with a Clear Clean Design

coffin art

Source: instagram.com

Clear acrylic nails match with everything that you can imagine because it looks natural. In this design, acrylic is provided in order to make more natural and real as well as fashionable. After doing this the nail must be filed into square shape. This design is good for the casual look, but it does not mean that you cannot wear it for fancy or formal meetings.

29. Diamond and Acrylic Nails

Those women who become an addict of the nail designs they always look for a design that is shinny and have some rhinestones on it. Here some of the nails are covered by silver color and the remainders are painted with a grey base which is furthermore adorned a couple of rhinestones that looks like diamond studs.

30. Acrylic nails with a Long Square Design

Acrylic nails with a Long Square Design-vvpretty

Source: i.pinimg.com

This is the most impressive quality of the acrylic nail designs that it can be very colorful as well as crystal clear in which the skin can be seen. In this design long nails filed into a square shape that is polished with only crystal clear acrylic. These designs are simple and stylish at the same time. It is good and simple for outgoings.

31. Shapes of the Mushroom and Gold Nail Design

pretty-acrylic-nail-Shapes of the Mushroom and Gold Design-vvpretty

Source: instagram.com

Mushroom contains a risk looking dull but don’t worry when it is used in a combo with gold, creates a good Impact. These both colors go well with each other. In this design, one entire nail is painted with gold and the rest of the nails are painted with taupe having a line of glitter gold at the bottom of the nails. This is a unique design that is good for both occasions i.e. fancy and casual.

32. Gold French top with Pink Acrylic Nail Designs

Gold French top with Pink Acrylic Nail-acrylic-design-idea-vvpretty

Source: instagram.com

Regal look memory of the Greek style and fashion is to keep long nails with gold tips. In this design, long nails are shaped into the skin like a square. The entire nails are covered with matte pink and each nail has a glitter gold tip.

33. Short Almond Acrylic Nail with Sparkles

Short Almond Acrylic Nail with Sparkles-acrylic-nail-art-idea-vvpretty

Source: instagram.com

Almond colored nails are not only attractive but also multitalented for all day long. These are short nails in square shape. In this example, a sole fingernail is polished with shiny almond, and uses the plain almond on the rest of the nails but that must be in combo with the sparkly version.

34. Chocolate and Gold Shinning Nail Design


The specialty of acrylic nails is that it has so much verity for to you follow. Female is so keen about variations and they choose only those designs which bring about variations for them. In this style, they can quench their thirst. In this design, one nail is covered with colorful gold. Keep the color for the next nail in addition with chocolate stripes across the nail. The remaining nails must be colored in chocolate.


35. Long Nails with Shiny Silver

Long Nails with Shiny Silver-vvpretty

Source: instagram.com

A long nail design can be complicated or it can be simple. This design is very simple but with a little twist. Eighty percent of the nails are covered with clear polish, for adding some interest two of the nails are covered with sparkly silver to match it with remaining nails.

36. Simple Creamy Standard Length nail Design

The females who want to try simple look but some color they need to try this design. In this, soft creamy color is painted on the entire fingernails. No additional color is added in order to keep the design more simple and elegant. This design is more of a matte color.

37. Unicorn and Rainbow Stylish Nail Design

The design of unicorn and rainbow design is very popular not only amongst the women as well as teenagers. One of the nails is featured in the rainbow, the nest nail is featured in the unicorn, keeping the same pink base. This is a charming and informal design to follow. Teenagers must try it.

38. Black and White with Gold Hearts Nail Design

Black and White with Gold Hearts Nail-acrylic-idea-vvpretty

Source: instagram.com

This is one of the prettiest designs that offer so much for the young ladies. This design is a combination of black, white and gold. Though it looks as all the nails match each other but the pattern is different. One nail is pure black color. The nail is colorful gold. The next nail is a combo of a black base with white hearts on it. And the other brings all colors to the same point which is a shimmery gold heart along with white and black strips on it.

39. Simple Black with Black Hearts Nail Design

As we know that short nails are not so popular as medium or long nails but the right design and use of matching colors this can create a great impact. Leave two nails to their original color, covered with clear polish and make a tiny heart on each one at the top. Polish the other in solid black colors.

40. Toffee and Glitter Long Nails

Toffee and Glitter Long Nails-vvpretty

Source: instagram.com

The most favorite nail designs for the recent year are those which have got glitter in it. Here, is an example of this. The shape of the nails is square. Two of the nails are polished in gold glitter. Some of the nails are polished in toffee colored. A few nails have toffee color as a base while gold glitter is also added to provide some more fun. The design is very fancy which is suitable for formal gatherings.

41. Creative Rhinestones Shiny and Rose Nails

One of the best quality of the acrylic nails is that it can be created with these nails. In this design, some nails are covered in a delicate pink color. Two nails are polished in colorful silver. And the last nail is covered in silver gemstones. This combination is perfect.

42. Complicated Glitter Black Nail Design

Glitter Black Nail Design-acrylic-nail-color-vvpretty

Source: instagram.com

One can as many designs as he wants because black is a color that matches with almost everything. Particularly when talking about acrylic nail design black an outstanding impact. In the given design, the tip of each medium-sized, rounded shaped nail, are black. On the two nails, there is a triangle with glitter pattern is presented that make resemblances with the rest of the nails.

43. Almond Acrylic Nails with Gold and Pink

Almond Acrylicdesign vvpretty

Source: awimina.com

Almond is one of the many colors that perfectly the most frequently used color i.e. pink. In the given design, the long nails are filed into square shape. The fingernails that are in pink, are plain, having an ornament on it. However, the almond colored nails are added with rhinestones from the bottom to the center of the nails. This design goes well with gold rings.

44. Butterscotch and Gold Best Acrylic Nails Design

Butterscotch and Gold Best Acrylic Nail-vvpretty

Source: i.pinimg.com

If the two colors match well then there is no harm in mixing it. For example, any solid color when mixed with gold present a very look. Butterscotch is one of the best colors that go well with gold in a combo. In this design standard length nails are filed into square shape trait one painted in a lively gold and rest of the nails in butterscotch.

45. White Marble Nail Art Design

Sometimes people are so much inspired of nature that wants to see everything like nature, so this is one of the designs that will get you more close to nature. In this design, the acrylic nails are so designed that they resemble white marble. Use white color as a base and swirl black shades to give marble touch to the design.

46. Pink Marble along with Gold Stripes Nail Design

Pink Marble along with Gold Stripes Nail Design-acrylic

Source: instagram.com

This is also an outstanding design in which a blend of gold, pink and black is used in such a manner that this style presents a unique eye-catching look to the very design. These square shaped long nails are covered with light pink polish. Use some black swirls on the nails for adding some more interest. This will marble look to the design. For getting more appreciation from the people around you, use a couple of thin gold bars on the nails.

47. Long and Clear Almond Acrylic Nails

Long and Clear Almond Acrylic Nails-

Source: websta.me

Some females want to keep their nail style simple but fashionable, then the best possible choice for them is this style. In this style, all the nails are simply polished in shiny almond color. this is the style that absolutely perfect for workplaces as well as casual moments.

48. Long and Clear Acrylic Nail Art


Long and Clear Acrylics-acrylic-nail-color-vvpretty

Source: weheartit.com

If you are fond of long nails then you don’t need to go so fancy with your style. The only style that you have to follow is to keep long, square-shaped nails. Just polish the entire nails with simple and clear acrylics. This is good for casual as well for fancy occasions.


49. Red Acrylics Nails with Asian Kitty’s

This is interesting that one can bring so innovations in acrylic nails. One has the freedom to choose any style they want of any culture. The design selected here is of medium sized nails, in a round which is itself unexpected. Some of the nails display a red half circle that repeats itself. The remaining nails having an Asian Kitty that gives new look to the style.

50. Best Metallic Artificial Nail Design:

Metallic Artificial Nail Designs-vvpretty

Source: instagram.com

This is our final design of the assignment. For this design take standard size nails in a round shape. Use a plain but bright color such as metallic. In this particular style, all the nails only color is used and that is purple metallic which covers all the nails with using any other color or shade or rhinestones. This looks majestic and attractive and good of a diamond ring.

50 Awesome Acrylic Designs that Should be the First Choice of every Woman.
Women are so keen on their fashion. They never look back in the field fashion and designs. They always equipped themselves with the best possible items present in the market. But they look more keen on their nail designs. And the best possible nail designs that are affordable and easy to use are the acrylic nail design. These are easy to use and very versatile, have different designs. Some of them look fancy, some are casual but still stylish, some are clear as the original. So whatever you want to have from these acrylic nail ideas you can easily grab. These designs are just special for Muslim females because you can take them off while praying. So go with these styles and make your mark.

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